“Hi Mike We all had a good day. The weather was fantastic, the water great, and we all had fun. What more could you ask for! Rod sure does have a beautiful boat!! Some of the photos are in the attachments. Thanks again, Jack” Jack Buchanan, Vancouver, BC
“Hi Mike - It was awesome!!! We had so much fun and Greg was a wonderful river guide! I will send you some pictures when we get home from holidays. We wanted to check with Greg to see where the one sturgeon was tagged. He mentioned it had a strange tag number. Thanks. ” Lisa Todoruk, Prince George
“Hi Mike, I wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed our trip. BRILLIANT! Thank you. Len was incredible. His knowledge of the river first class and he kept us entertained between the action. Can we book him for our trip on the 23rd August?? I really did not expect to catch anything with current conditions and was highly delighted when we hooked and landed a 6' Sturgeon. An awsome experience. I have attached a picture of the fish we cought the other day. Once again, my thanks. ” Keith Jack, Vancouver, BC
“Good morning Mike, Thanks for the fantastic time we spent fishing on Saturday - Mike Harrison was awesome, we had a great fishing experience, lots of laughs (with Mike Harrison) and an overall fantastic experience for all of us. I definitely will be back next year to add to my sturgeon experience with perhaps doing some salmon fishing also. I have attached two photo's of myself (biggest sturgeon caught between my son-in-law and myself is in the second picture 4'7" plus). This was hooked into within 5 minutes of the line going down. Between my myself and my son-in-law we hooked into 7 sturgeon, three around 4'1" and 3 much smaller. Again, a big thank you, I certainly will recommend your company to others...” Mike Adkins - Goodlife Fitness, BC
“Hi Mike, Sorry for the delay in reply but we've had a busy week since my parents arrived. The fishing trip last Wednesday was AMAZING! Lenny was excellent and a pleasure to have as our guide. I would definetely book my next trip with you guys. Please find attached some pictures from our great fishing experience that you can show to potential clients but both my Dad and I both agree that our trip out on the Fraser was a trip of a lifetime! We ended up with 3 sockeye, 1 pink but lost 2 huge springs and a couple sockeye. The day eneded with up landing a 7 foot, 250+ Sturgeon. What a catch! It was incredible experience to fight such a monster. Have a great day!” Chris Dukarich , Fraser Valley, BC
“Got a 82.5" and a 83.5" my arms are still aching :) Jay was great, the entire trip was great. Lets just say we will be back :)” Geoff B., Vancouver, BC
“Hey Mike, Sorry for the really long delay in replying to you - life got hectic and I procrastinated! I wanted to thank you for a truly awesome day - my Dad said it was the best day of his vacation and now has one of the attached pictures as his Facebook profile photo (can you guess which one?). Len was knowledgeable and went above and beyond, and I would recommend him and your company to anyone. Let me know if you want better quality versions of any of these. Allie” Allie, Vancouver, BC